"So what do I think of the MD-80. I can sum it up in one word - Excellent. CoolSky/Flight 1 has done an excellent job of providing on of the most complex simulations I’ve seen. Every aircraft system is modelled, and yet it never allows the complexity to overwhelm you, providing you with guides and help all along the way. Some things have to be done a little differently than we’re use to, but Both Vista and FSX run differently than many developers were used to, so the workarounds here allow us to enjoy this classic aircraft. The inclusion of the full aircraft manual is a real bonus, and I urge you to print it out and study it to really get the best out of this fantastic aircraft. Added to this package, although not mentioned yet, is the fantastic support provided by CoolSky. The forums are friendly and the development team provides support quickly. Personally I liked this aircraft so much, it’s now my default choice amongst my fleet. Flying in the 1980’s never looked or felt so much fun."

Jessica Bannister-Pearce, FlightSimX reviewer.

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