Beta PatchA new beta patch for the Super 80 Pro has been released. This is beta patch version 1.1.4. This beta patch is an update of the Super 80 Pro gauge file. This update improves the memory management during flight. The Super 80 Pro is heavy on memory usage and a few users have experienced problems as a result of this. This update should help those with computers pushed to the limit and beyond. There are also several fixes to the FMS.

The fix list:

  • FMS: Incorrect transition loaded for the selected STAR in some cases where the runway has not been specified. Fixed.
  • Position data deleted when origin entered on second standby route in-flight. Fixed.
  • FMS: PROG page includes MAP distance in destination DTG calculations. Fixed.
  • FMS: Altitude restrictions not always displayed properly as Flight Level. Fixed.
  • FMS: RF type waypoint does not work properly. Fixed.
  • FMS: DF type waypoint does not work properly. Fixed.
  • FMS: SID/STAR inserted without runway or transition selected. Fixed.
  • FMS: When deleting a hold, the waypoint at the hold becomes "fly over" type waypoint. Fixed.
  • ND: Error rendering consecutive AF type waypoints. Fixed.
  • FMS: Turns back to the previous waypoint when using the Direct To feature. Fixed.
  • FMA displays FMS #### when no mode is selected on the TRI. Fixed.
  • FMA displays FMS #### when VERT SPD selected after VNAV on descent. Fixed.
  • APU doesn't properly shut down when the battery switch is turned off. Fixed.
  • FMS: SID/STAR transitions not loaded correctly in some cases. Fixed.
  • Tail de-ice turned on when airfoil de-ice is turned off. Fixed.
  • Improved memory management (high load reduction).
  • FMS: discontinuity between STAR and FINAL when APPTR not selected. Fixed.
  • Custom multiplier for fast click input.
  • Increased accuracy maintaining center line on long legs.
  • Optional FMS auto set/arm ALT PRESEL on VNAV.
  • Pushback distance increased by 100%.

For more information about the beta patch and to download it, please visit the Support Forum.


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