Flight One Software and Coolsky have officially released Service Pack 1 for their Ultimate Airliners - Super 80 Professional product. This service pack is recommended for all users, and addresses many areas of the product.

Ultimate Airliners Super 80 Professional is a highly advanced addon product for MS Flight Simulator X that simulates the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 in absolutely amazing detail. All systems in the aircraft are simulated with a very high level of accuracy to make the experience as complete as possible. The product simulates the latest Electronic Flight Deck (EFD) cockpit upgrade given to the MD-80 series. It includes a full EFIS with FMS, TCAS, Systems Display Panel, Engine Display Panel, and many more advanced systems. Real MD-80 pilots will feel right at home and beginners will be able to completely learn the cockpit due to the interactive Integrated Cockpit Training System.

Service Pack 1 includes over 120 modifications and fixes to the product, and is available as a separate download patch for previous purchasers, and for new purchasers, Service Pack 1 is now included as part of the full product.

Read more about and download it here.