Flight One Software, in partnership with CoolSky, are now previewing their soon to be released Ultimate Airliners: The Super 80 Professional product which is a highly advanced aircraft and panel package which simulates a later version of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80. This version includes a more modern glass cockpit, with a full Flight Management System.

The Super 80 Professional is designed to be an accurate and realistic simulation of the real aircraft. All systems in the aircraft are simulated with a very high level of accuracy to make the experience complete. Real MD-80 pilots will feel right at home. The ICTS (Integrated Cockpit Training System) will guide you step by step through all the checklist and procedures you will need to be familiar with as the pilot in command of this aircraft. You will learn how to operate the aircraft while in the cockpit, hands on, in-flight!

The ICTS will also automatically open the appropriate panel windows and point out the relevant switches, knobs, gauges or system for you with bright yellow arrows and boxes.

The Super 80 Professional also features the Automatic Aircraft Configuration (AAC). The AAC system will automatically setup the aircraft with all systems for the selected phase of flight, at the click of a button. This includes cold cockpit and “Cleared for Take-off” modes.

Experienced simmers may use the AAC feature as part of their training in the sim. For example, to practice shooting ILS approaches, position the aircraft, hit “Cleared to Land” and go nail that approach!

Ultimate Airliners: The Super 80 Professional is published by Flight One Software (http://www.flight1.com) in partnership with CoolSky. If you currently own the current classic cockpit version of the Super 80 product, we are planning to offer you the Professional version at a special discount price. For more information, please visit http://www.coolsky.no, or for active preview shots go to the product forum site at http://s80.flight1.net.