I just finished doing an interview with Angelique van Campen for Aerosoft Sim News (ASN) about the upcoming DC-9 Classic. In the interview I talk a whole lot about the DC-9 Classic, the design process, features, how it works and so on. In fact, I talked so much they decided to split and publish the interview in two parts. ASN has also posted some exclusive new screenshots along with the interview.

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Looking for the ultimate simulator ride? FSX just not real enough for you? Or maybe you are looking to launch a career with the airlines?

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Hi! Welcome to the new redesigned Coolsky website!

The old website was showing its age and it was time to move into the world of Content Management Systems for my web solution. Joomla provided the answer and here is the result.

I hope you will find this new website friendly and easy to use.

Welcome to the CoolSky website!

CoolSky is a company dedicated to producing innovative flight simulation addons, providing enthusiasts all over the world with a unique flight simulation experience.

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