I found this old aircraft picture on the internet which really intrigued me. I'm not 100% what type it is but I think it might be the new B787.

Yeah, the Boeing designers decided to go old school with the new Dreamliner.


This is of course the upcoming DC-9 Classic. This is an edited in-game shot of the virtual cockpit. As you can see we still have some work to do before it is finished. The virtual cockpit 3D model is close to complete and texturing is well under way. The virtual cockpit on this aircraft is nothing like the virtual cockpits found on the Super 80 Classic and Pro. This VC is light years ahead in terms of complexity, detail and texture quality. All instruments, switches, knobs, levers and handles are modeled in 3D. Even the small moving parts inside the instruments are modeled in 3D.


The 2D panel is about done. What you see here is the centered view, which compliments the standard view where all the engine instruments and gear handle are on-screen. I'm still working on the gauge file getting all the details and the behavior correct during various situations and phases of flight.



I'm also working on the manual now. Even if this aircraft has no advanced navigation system, which usually takes up quite a bit of space in a manual, this manual is going to clock in at over 400 pages. Compare that to the Super 80 Classic and Pro manuals at 291 and 331 pages respectively.

There will be more updates on this project in the time ahead. Stay tuned!


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