DC-9 LandingMany of you have been asking me, for quite some time now, “what is Coolsky up to?”, “what is the new product?”. Normally when it comes to new projects, I like to keep things under wrap for as long as possible, until I am comfortable showing screenshots and I know the release date. However, when it comes to the latest project I’m working on, I guess some of the guys were just too excited about this project and couldn’t hold back. The cat escaped the bag!


Here it is: I am working on a Douglas DC-9. This is an old school classic with all steam gauges. The DC-9 truly is a pilot’s aircraft.

Well, I am super excited about this product, so why don’t we leak some more!

This project is developed in cooperation between Flight1, Coolsky and McPhat Studios. I am very excited about having McPhat on the development side this time. They did a great job making UHDT liveries for both the Super 80 Classic and Super 80 Pro. This time they are not only doing the external livery graphics but also the internal VC graphics as well. This is a first for McPhat and I am super excited about it! In addition to that, McPhat is also doing the 3D modeling on this project. Another first for McPhat! They have enlisted some really talented artists on their team and the 3D model of the VC, which is nearing completion, is looking very good.

If you read “the other leak” then you already knew about everything I have written about so far. So what new can I tell you?

If you already own the Super 80 Classic or Pro you will find all the hallmarks of a Coolsky product in this DC-9. The Integrated Cockpit Training System with step-by-step guides on how to do just about everything in the cockpit is there. The Automatic Aircraft Configuration feature to setup the aircraft for a given phase of flight is there. The familiar Flight Center with options, dispatch (weight and balance, and fuel), and the aforementioned training and auto config features are all there, with the addition of a couple of new features. Maybe I will leak about those later.

There is one feature I have always wanted to add to my products. I wanted to include this in the original Super 80 Classic, but there just wasn’t enough time and resources to do it. When I did the Super 80 Pro, the FMS programming took everything I had and again I had to set aside this feature. This time though, it’s happening. This is the feature that takes the DC-9 to the next level compared to the Super 80 Classic and Pro. But you are going to have to wait to learn what it is.

We are still in the development phase and not yet ready to start showing regular screenshots of the DC-9. There is no release date set yet.

That’s it. This cat has officially left the bag.