Coolsky, McPhat Studios and Flight One Software is proud to present the DC-9 Classic Cargo Expansion!


This expansion pack for the DC-9 Classic transforms your passenger carrying DC-9 Classic into a no-windows, big-door, all-pallets cargo hauler simulating the DC-9-32CF. The package contains a fully rebuilt cargo version of the external aircraft model; no windows, large cargo door and pallets in the hold. It has full integration with the DC-9 Flight Center; you can set the cargo weight, the number of pallets and control the cargo door - all from within the familiar Flight Center in the DC-9 Classic.

The DC-9 Classic Cargo Expansion comes with these five liveries;

  • DHL
  • Scandinavian
  • Airborne Express
  • Alitalia Cargo
  • Swiss Cargo

All these liveries come in UHDT quality.

In addition to all of the above, the DC-9 Classic Cargo Expansion pack includes a UHDT version of the blue virtual cockpit. Fly in UHDT inside and out!



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