To Coolsky,

I am writing this letter to express how excited I am to have purchased the Super 80 Pro. As always Coolsky has met the demanding expectations I have for believable and accurate aircraft for Flight Simulator X.

Since the days of Bruce Artwick I have enjoyed flight simulators; even creating and programming one myself. Bruce’s vision was shared by many allowing add-on’s to be integrated. That tradition lives on in today’s simulators.

My attraction to flight simulators has always been the immersive experience, to be a pilot in a virtual world and Coolsky’s Super 80 Pro delivers just that.

There is never a moment I am not completely immersed into the Super 80 Pro. From the beginning to the end of the flight there is a feeling of satisfaction performing a perfect operation with such a complex aircraft. I have two friends, both pilots that fly for international freight companies and I have sat slip seat on special invites they have offered to me. After flying the Super80 and the Super80 Pro I can testify that I have a general knowledge of the real cockpit. Even these two friends have commented how curiously close the Super 80 Pro is to real life.

In closing I say this: Speaking as a super critic of flightsim add-ons - if you desire an “as close to real” airplane as you can get for flight simulator – Coolsky's Super80 Pro is my choice for believable aircraft and I believe it is yours too.


“A very satisfied customer”

United States, Florida
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