The long awaited Ultra High Definition Texture (UHDT) liveries from McPhat Studios are now out. The first livery made available by McPhat Studios is the American Airlines livery for the Super 80 Pro. The AA livery has been released as freeware, which means you can download it now free of charge from the McPhat Studios website.

This AA livery is the most detailed livery ever released for MS Flight Simulator. With a texture resolution of 253 pixels per meter, this livery sets a new standard for MSFS texture design. Multiple layers including diffuse maps, alpha channels, bump maps, and specular maps are included in the textures to form the final result.

The UHDT textures provide ultra sharp details up close but also look better when viewed at a normal distance or from far away. Scratches will be scratches, rather than grooves. Chipped off paint look like chipped off paint, rather than large chunks of paints missing. Decals are fully readable, instead of a blurry mess and rivets are rivets, rather than big bolts the size of apples.

Coolsky is proud to have McPhat Studios as a partner. Together we work hard to bring you the best flight simulation experience possible.


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Download: Super 80 Pro American Airlines UHDT Livery


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