• DC-9 Model Differences

    Just recently came across an article on the Internet that detailed the differences between the various DC-9 models, as well as the MD-80 series, the MD-90 and B717. I thought it was a very interesting article and I wanted to share it with you.

  • What is specularity?

    what is specularity

    What exactly is specularity and how does it work in FSX? On the Coolsky support forum McPhat Studios explains in detail how specularity works on the new upcoming soon-to-be-released freeware American Airlines UHDT livery.

  • Future Flightsim: Part 2 - Dovetail


    Dovetail Games. The latest contender trying to make move to take over the flightsim throne from FSX. Can they do it? Do we even care? I think we should care. And I think they can.

Super 80 Pro World Airliners 2McPhat Studios previews a few work-in-progress shots of some of the liveries that will be included in the upcoming UHDT livery package for the Super 80 Pro: Super 80 Pro World Airliners 2. This is the second installment in this livery series, following the first package: Super 80 Pro World Airliners 1.

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Super 80 World Airliners 1Just a few days ago, McPhat Studios release the Super 80 Pro World Airliners 1 package - here is the classic version: Super 80 classic World Airliners 1! Super 80 classic World Airliners 1 is an Ultra High Definition Textures (UHDT) package with liveries for the Super 80. This package is the most detailed, high definition textures set ever released for FSX. With an incredible 253 pixels per meter ratio, McPhat Studios sets a new standard for FSX texture design.

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TSS MD8X JT8D Soundpack for FSXI thought this might be interesting news for all you MD-80 fans out there: Turbine Sound Studios has released a new sound package for FSX specifically aimed at the MD-80 series of aircraft. With high quality recordings of the real aircraft, this addon makes a very nice companion to your Super 80 or Super 80 Pro.


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Super 80 Pro - World Airliners 1McPhat Studios is just about ready to release "Super 80 Pro - World Airliners 1", an UHDT livery package for the Super 80 Pro.

The Ultra High Definition Textures McPhat Studios has developed for the Super 80 Pro features 253 pixels per meter resolution. This is the highest resolution ever released for an FSX addon.

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  • FSX vs P3D: The Rematch


    FSX, Prepar3D, X-Plane – who won the battle for flightsim supremacy last year? It has been said that “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the 2014 Avsim Demographic Survey.

  • Full Flight Tutorial Videos


    Mike Dart of ProFsxVideos on Youtube has posted a comprehensive and detailed four-part full flight video series featuring the DC-9 Classic. Mike takes us along on a short range flight in the DC-9 Classic from Hannover to Nuremberg, Germany.

  • Stavanger - Tromsø in the DC-9


    Join Matthias Hanel on this flight report as he flies the DC-9 Classic from Stavanger in southern Norway all the way up to the far north for a landing in snowy Tromsø.

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